Got a Clogged Drain? Kitchen, Bath or The Whole House

Drain Cleaning In Hurricane & St. George

Over time, pipes can get filled with grease, soap, detergent residue, hair, and more. This can cause water flow to become restricted and, well, you know the rest. Having a clogged drain can be a real frustration for a homeowner. You might be buying gallons and gallons of Drain-O, which might help for a day or two, but then you’re back to square one again. Maybe you’ve even pulled out the ol’ plunger and tried fixing your drain with some elbow grease, with no luck. 


Stop driving yourself crazy and give us a call! We’ve got all the right tools and expertise to fix your clogged drain in no time. 


Drain Pipe Service

In addition to clogged drains, we are also equipped to help you with: 

  • Emergency line repair or cleaning 
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Drain Inspection 
  • Pipe replacement and repair 

Call 435-773-5829 to schedule your services today! 

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