Water Heater Maintenance in Hurricane Utah

Be sure to call Christensen Plumbing for regular water heater maintenance and tune ups on your Water Heaters in Hurricane, Utah. 

Taking care of your plumbing systems can be something that often slips your mind! However, by scheduling regular maintenance with us, you can potentially save thousands of dollars by extending the life of your water heater. 

One great thing to check up on is the Anode Rod or “Sacrificial” rod inside of your water heater tank. If you’re not super handy, we suggest giving us a call for your water heater maintenance in Hurricane Utah. You want to make sure you don’t damage your water heater while trying to fix it. 

Why do you need an anode rod?

Your water heater is a metal tank filled with water… and we all know that is the perfect situation for rust. If your water heater tank is rusting, there is a possibility for eventual ruptures or even explosions. In order to protect our homes from these disasters, an anode rod will help stop your tank from rusting. 

How does an anode rod work?

An anode rod looks like a long, skinny, metal cylinder. It will be made of aluminum, zinc, or magnesium. This rod is inserted into the water inside the tank and attached usually at the top. While this rod is submerged in water, something very interesting happens. The rod will attract the ions in the water that are responsible for rust, which will corrode the rod but leave your tank rust free. This is called electrolysis

Why should I replace my anode rod? 

Because the rod is “sacrificing” itself by attracting corrosive ions in the water, it will eventually rust away. You need to replace the anode rod because once it’s corroded, the ions will then start rusting your tank instead of the rod. Installing a new anode rod can be fairly inexpensive, and can save you thousands. 

What type of rod should I buy? 

Most rods are made of magnesium or an aluminum/zinc alloy. A magnesium rod will hold up better in soft water, but it can also leave a sulphur smell in your home. 

For most water heaters in Hurricane, Utah, we are dealing with very hard water. In this case, you would normally use an aluminum/zinc anode rod. Be sure to ask us about the different kinds of rods, and which one would be best for your home.

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